Human Hair Extensions - An Overview

Hair extensions actually started in the fifteenth century in northern Europe, where the upper class ladies of those times would painfully pluck their hairline to make their foreheads seem elevated, using elaborate headdresses, which were then an indication of magnificence at that time. Now, that hair extensions are becoming a trend, it seems that its popularity is more on the flexibility of wearing different hairstyles, such as hairdos with bangs extension or with ponytail extensions or with long hair extensions. The styles are endless and the more hair extensions will be staying for a longer period of time. We also see the practicality of using Human hair extensions , instead of donning a wig. Wigs are heavy and when worn, they look unnatural and people can see the obvious difference. Further, wearing wigs for long periods may actually result into the advanced thinning of your natural hair, since there is not enough oxygen circulating for the natural hair to breathe in.

Split ends are results of dyeing the hair for long periods of time, such that if they are not removed they can spread upward starting from the bottom of the hair strand. Given that you may not have the time yet to condition and treat your hair from split ends, hair extensions are helpful concealment for split ends, which offer a better looking appearance to the overall hair.

Now that there are variations of hair-styling, the use of hair extensions can add color and vibrancy to the hair, as subtle highlights to the end of the hair or for a complete color change. The choice is up to you on whether you prefer a lighter or darker colored extensions and which you can place at the bottom half of the head to give that trendy and vibrancy to the hair, and all this without having to dye your natural hair.

There are many factors which contribute to hair thinning, but with Remy Hair Extensions , they add volume and enhance the healthy aesthetic of the natural hair on the head. Also, there are those suffer from not being able to grow their own hair longer, to which hair extensions are the perfect solution to instantly lengthen the hair. It can be applied and cut to the choice of length and will look so natural, nobody will believe that hair extension is being used.

Finally, with hair extensions, there are no limits to the hairstyles which can be worn day in and day out. The possibilities are endless and creativity to achieve unlimited hairstyles is really up to the wearer or hairstylist.